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New Andorra Telecom Headquarters

Fifth Prize in the Competition for the New Andorra Telecom Headquarters.


Copper, cable, flat cable, ribbon cable, broadband, fiber… the flexibility of the curve, curved vertical planes, chords instead of angles, the softness of curved corners…

Impulse, waves, moving data, speed… the changing dynamism of new technologies… displaced horizontal planes, moving building, change and adaptation to a new era…

Color, light, reflections, external visual attraction… contrast… neutrality, calm, inner warmth…

An illusion, a dream, a sketch, a possible reality… Let’s go back to “phones”.

· Publication in “BonDia” 20/10/21

· Publication in “L’Art de Viure” nº134

  • En col·aboració amb: AS08 Daniel Pérez
  • Any: 2021
  • Tipus de projecte: Concurs