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Park Piolets Hotel & Spa - Rooms and Ski Room

For two years and taking advantage of the closing periods of the Park Piolets Hotel & Spa, the 175 rooms that make it up have been refurbished, together with the interior design firm Elena Ruiz. The aim was to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, where guests could feel at home, integrating the establishment into this privileged natural environment. For this reason, we wanted to give prominence to wood.

A larch wood floor has been placed on the floor of the main room to ensure maximum strength and durability. For the cladding of the walls, the fir has been chosen. In the case of the floor and the walls of the bathroom, the porcelain stoneware coating in off-white color provides a space for clean and relaxing personal hygiene.

The aim of the room was to integrate all the necessary elements so that it could have a multipurpose use, making the most of the space. The furniture is made to measure, in wood and sheet steel, for each type of room. The washbasin has a wide fir wood furniture and a white porcelain bowl, under a large mirror that provides spaciousness.

These rooms thus become a small home that guests can live on their own.

During this same period, the old underground pub was also renovated to transform it into a Ski Room, with a lockers area and a snow shop. Comprehensive refurbishment work has been carried out, while part of the existing furniture has been removed. This gives it a “vintage” style that is at the same time very current and which, combined with the wood, presents an elegant and cozy setting.

The ceiling has been played with different levels. A background painted black and then some blank modules that provide depth. The lights stand out, tracing the central corridor from the ceiling. Motex is placed on the floor, special for a lot of traffic and super absorbent.

· Publication in “L’Art de Viure” nº109
· Publication in “L’Art de Viure” nº110

  • En col·laboració amb: Helena Ruiz, Enginesa
  • Any: 2016-2017
  • Tipus de projecte: Reforma interior